Functional Vision Evaluation
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Vision therapy is the process of learning to use your two eyes more efficiently together and learning to understand what you see. This can correct visual delays and imperfections from a wide range of conditions. Here at Sightwork, that process starts with a functional vision test: the most thorough way to understand how you are using your visual skills. Then we make a plan together to start improving it.

Functional Vision

What is Functional Vision?

A routine eye exam evaluates eye health, basic eye movements, and the need for a glasses or contact lens prescription. At Sightwork, a visual evaluation is completed to account for your entire visual system’s performance, including your eyes, brain, and the ways they communicate with each other.

  • “What is it” vision

      Your central vision and ability to read
  • “Where is it” vision

      Your peripheral vision and ability to localize objects in 3D space

While most of our patient’s have 20/20 vision, there is a delay with regard to how they understand and process visual information. 

Why Is a Functional Vision Evaluation Important?

While a comprehensive vision examination remains an important tool to protect sight and eye health, having 20/20 vision does not equate to comfortable vision. Children and adults with 20/20 vision may still have difficulty understanding reading material or keeping up with sports. Vision therapy is often more impactful than tutoring alone or surgery. Having a functional vision evaluation is part of the process to determine if vision therapy is the best path forward.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Icon

Comprehensive Eye Exam

We start with a comprehensive eye exam, which helps us understand eyesight clarity, current eye health, and potential eye conditions.

Functional Vision Test Icon

Functional Vision Evaluation

Our functional vision evaluation has two main components: the ocular motor test and visual processing test. These check if the eyes are moving together properly, and how well the patient retains information.

Customized Vision Therapy Plan Icon

Customized Vision
Therapy Plan

After the examination and functional vision evaluation, we discuss results with the patient and tailor a treatment plan designed specifically for their needs.

Functional Vision Evaluation

Why Trust Sightwork for Your Functional Vision Evaluation

Sightwork has helped kids and adults alike reach their full potential through personalized vision therapy for over a decade, and our successes in that time are thanks to the dedicated experts here who truly want to see their patients see and live better. They’re known for their compassion, knowledge of the visual system, and commitment to improving our patients lives through vision therapy.

Functional Vision Evaluation

What Can I Expect from My
Vision Therapy Evaluation?

Our vision therapy evaluation, which is generally performed in separate parts, informs how we approach nearly all aspects of therapy. After your comprehensive eye exam, we’ll schedule the following evaluations:

Ocular Motor Evaluation
 (Oculomotor, Sensorimotor)

During this evaluation, we determine if the eyes are following where the brain is telling them to go, and if they’re working together as a team. We use lenses, prisms, and other technology to get a baseline for motor skills and clarify if there are any communication issues.

Visual Processing Evaluation

Next, we run a series of tests to measure visual processing skills — everything from how well a patient discerns left from right, to identifying letters, to how quickly they process information. We also examine visual memory, vocabulary, and reading level.

Vision Therapy Plan

Creating Your Customized Vision Therapy Plan

After we perform our functional vision tests, our doctor works with you to create a customized therapy plan, for you or your child. This plan consists of activities and other training that help our patients acquire full use of both their ocular motor and visual processing skills. We’ll tailor the program to focus on the areas where a given patient can improve, suggesting small but impactful changes and then build on those changes. These changes lead to improvement in function that can last a lifetime.

Our Vision Therapy Technology

We believe in utilizing a multi-dimensional approach to our vision therapies. To make sure our patients receive a comprehensive range of diagnostics and treatments, we’ve adopted a variety of technologies — including state-of-the-art lenses and groundbreaking computer program — to provide patients with the most comfortable therapies and finest vison outcomes.

Success Stories

“This experience has been life changing. Seeing my vision improve significantly in just a matter of 8 weeks of therapy has led to a confidence boost as well as brought on a sense of positivity in my attitude overall. Other doctors I had previously visited had let me to believe my eyes couldn’t improve and would continue to deteriorate over time. Sightwork’s vision therapy program has proved all of them wrong.”

Google Reviews

19:43 13 Jul 22
Amazing results! My daughter's vision and school performance improved tremendously. Her confidence increased. SightWork is just amazing and the therapists are so wonderful to work with.
Josie H.Josie H.
17:50 15 Apr 22
This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Through 6 months of vision therapy, my amazing therapist, Lauren, and doctor, Dr. Farnham, I was given the skills and strength needed to bring my vision to a place it had never been before. This took away my headaches, improved my depth perception, my reading speed went up 5 grade levels, and it helped me navigate vision during my daily life with ease. I don’t have words to describe how grateful l am! My family calls them miracle workers, and I would have to agree.
Ali HareAli Hare
20:46 18 Jan 22
My daughter is currently in 4th grade and had never read above a 1st grade level. We had worked with her 1 on 1 ourselves, gotten her tutoring, worked with her teachers, and were in the process of trying see if she had dyslexia. Nothing seemed to work. I took her to the eye dr for something else and they discovered she had accommodative insufficiency, or something like that, and we were told she needed eye therapy. I almost cried bc I was so happy to finally have answers as to why my very bright daughter could not read. Fast forward to now…we are about 1/3 of the way thru therapy and we have seen so much improvement! Even her teachers have remarked on how much she has improved. Her confidence as well as her abilities… I wish there was more awareness of this problem since it was the first I had ever heard of it, and never considered it could be something so “simple”.Now as for my review of the place itself…it’s gorgeous. Everything is set up so well, very clean, and the staff is SOOO friendly and accommodating. We will miss Ashley! But I know we are in good hands. Well worth every penny. Thanks so much!
Trevor RunyonTrevor Runyon
17:37 03 Dec 21
I found Sightwork after experiencing a brain injury in a car accident. When I started therapy, I was unable to drive, go to stores, use screens, or do much of anything. I was really struggling with my vision due to the brain injury. Everybody at Sightwork was so friendly, patient, and honest about the fact that results would take some time and effort on my part. What I found is that by committing myself to doing the exercises as many days of each week that they suggested I do them and pushing through some of the discomfort I experienced (some discomfort is to be expected in the process), that results did come and over the six months of therapy I regained my ability to drive, I can now go out more, and I’m getting my life back as it was before the accident. I highly recommend Sightwork to anybody who needs them. If you do the work, you will definitely see results. Thank you Cara and Dr. Farnham!
Damon KosofskyDamon Kosofsky
16:57 19 Oct 21
What a great experience at Sightwork. Lauren was amazing! Our 8 yr old saw incredible gains from beginning to end. Highly recommend.
Kay DentonKay Denton
19:54 12 May 21
We had an excellent experience with Sight Works! Everyone was very helpful! I got to see hands on how the exercises work and how they helped my granddaughter. She has improved 100 % and is reading really well and able to stay on task with math. She said this was a really cool place!! Thanks for all your help and encouragement’

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