Vision Therapy for ADD & ADHD

If your child struggles with focusing in school and extracurricular activities, or has difficulty reading and retaining written information, then they may have difficulty with their vision processing or oculo-motor skills in addition to ADD or ADHD. Our team at Sightwork offers personalized vision therapy for your child that supplements their other ADD treatments with important visual skills to help them manage their symptoms and use their visual skills more efficiently.


Does Your Child Have ADD/ADHD, Vision Processing Difficulties, or Both?

When your child has ADD/ADHD they may exhibit behaviors you could think are only caused by these disorders. However, a visual processing deficiency can cause similar symptoms.  Because these conditions can co-occur and have parallel symptoms, problems with visual processing skills often get missed by doctors and teachers, causing kids to fall behind in learning and development.

Regular vision screenings are helpful for things like nearsightedness, but most optometrists only screen binocular vision skills. With our specialized Functional Vision Evaluation, our doctors can identify these conditions early and accurately. If your child has ADD or ADHD, vision therapy can help ease their symptoms.

Symptoms that relate to ADD/ADHD & Vision Processing

Lacking focus and overall reading struggles are just some of the symptoms shared by ADD/ADHD and visual processing problems, all of which can be significantly improved with vision therapy.

Some of the signs that vision therapy may be needed include:

  • Trouble concentrating
  • Aversion to reading
  • Difficulty reading and understanding written words
  • Delays in grasping phonics, sounds, and words as early as kindergarten

How Can Vision Therapy Help ADD/ADHD?

Vision therapy has helped many children engage better in the classroom and beyond, especially when used in tandem with other ADD/ADHD treatments. Our doctors utilize a range of effective therapies, like Syntonics, along with activities using virtual reality and prisms to improve visual accuracy, strengthen their abilities, and develop a well-rounded visual skillset. We’ll also customize their individual care plan, which may include specialty glasses and contact lenses, so they’re fully set up for success.


Why Trust Sightwork for Vision Therapy?

Sightwork’s services are supportive and integrative to your child’s entire ADD/ADHD treatment — and our staff are truly invested in improving their quality of life. If your child is being treated for ADD/ADHD, our doctors will work with their primary care doctor or counselor to make sure they get the full scope of care and are improving where they need to.

Our dedicated staff will continuously evaluate your child’s progress and work with their physician. Through this collaboration, we’ll retest your child’s visual processing when they start, adjust, or taper off an ADD/ADHD medication to ensure that we’re tracking any changes in skill so we can adjust their therapy accordingly.


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