Vision Therapy for Strabismus

If your child’s eyes appear to point in different directions, then they may have strabismus, a condition that can affect their vision, behavior, and lead to struggles with reading. Strabismus doesn’t have to hinder your child’s ability to thrive: bring them to Sightwork, where our vision therapy can change their world through sight!

What is Strabismus?

What is Strabismus? (Cross or Turned Eye)

Strabismus, or cross eye, is a condition where one or both eyes are turned in different directions, either upward, downward, inward, or outward. This misalignment is most common in children, but can also develop in adults, especially after a stroke or head injury. If your child has strabismus, they’re likely experiencing sight related symptoms like double vision, headaches, or lack of depth perception because their brain is trying to compensate for the eyes not facing forward.

Some signs of strabismus are:

  • Eyes that cross or turn in different directions
  • Double vision
  • Poor depth perception
  • Headaches
  • Squinting
  • Closing one eye
  • Head tilting
  • Trouble with reading and comprehension

How does Strabismus Affect Quality of Life?

Strabismus can lower your child’s quality of life due to the toll of its physical symptoms, impact on their development, and the fact that it can lead to other conditions that need further treatment, like amblyopia (reduced vision) or low vision.

Because cross or turned eye can cause difficulty reading, your child may fall behind in their academic and overall development, such as the understanding of phonics and words. Additionally, strabismus can cause emotional stress or anxiety because your child may be self-conscious about the appearance of their eyes. This can affect their body image, ability to socialize, and connections with peers.

Strabismus Affect Quality of Life

How Can Vision Therapy Treat a Cross or Turned Eye (Strabismus)?

The sooner your child undergoes therapy for their cross or turned eye, the better off they will be in the future. Vision therapy is a great non-surgical strabismus treatment that helps your child master visual skills and align their eyes. Our therapists use technology and tools as part of their treatments, including a vectogram, virtual reality games, and prism glasses to retrain their eye-to-brain pathways. These visual exercises help your child learn how to accurately use their eyes together, and are proven effective to increase depth perception and stability.

Sightwork childred vision therapy at Stanley, NC

Why Trust Sightwork for Vision Therapy?

At Sightwork, we diagnose your child using our comprehensive Functional Vision Evaluation to test all of their visual skills, not just acuity and alignment. With this in-depth information, we’re then able to customize their treatment plan, including the type of therapies and session length that will be most effective for them. Our practitioners are focused on using the most innovative solutions to help our patients with strabismus. That’s why several of them have earned their certification in Syntonics, a specialized light therapy with proven benefits.

With our compassionate doctors, engaging programs, and tailored care options, we’ll help get your child on the path to better sight!

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