Vision Therapy for
Concussion & Traumatic
Brain Injury

“If you’ve JUST had a traumatic brain injury or concussion, please go to your nearest hospital, or see your doctor as soon as possible.”

A concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) is painful the moment it occurs, but its effects can also continue after the initial impact and cause symptoms that affect your vision, ranging from mild to severe. Don’t just live with the dizziness, lack of focus, and other symptoms that can occur after your injury — let our team of professionals at Sightwork help you get your life back through better use of your sight.

How Has Your Vision Changed Since a Concussion or TBI?

How Has Your Vision Changed Since a Concussion or TBI?

When you get a concussion or a TBI, it can affect your vision due to the close relationship between the brain and sight. Your eyes pick up visual cues, like the location of objects as you move, and your brain processes them. Experiencing a brain injury or concussion can disrupt this delicate signal reading. This can cause blurry vision, lack of spatial awareness, light sensitivity, and other troubling symptoms related to these skills.

Symptoms of TBI / Concussion

Post-concussion and TBI symptoms can change your vision, causing other symptoms like headaches and nausea due to the extra work your brain is doing as it tries to accurately process what you see.

Some common vision-related symptoms of these injuries are:

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Difficulty with eye movements and tracking
  • Eye pain and eye strain
  • Inability to focus
  • Poor memory or comprehension
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Nausea
Symptoms of TBI Concussion

How Can These Symptoms Affect my Day-to-Day Life?

Having disorienting and painful symptoms every day can make accomplishing tasks — like walking, driving, and reading — more difficult, which can have a major impact on you. The inability to participate in things you enjoy or get from one place to another with ease not only affects your productivity, but also lowers your quality of life.

How Can Vision Therapy Help Post-Concussion or TBI?

How Can Vision Therapy Help Post-Concussion or TBI?

After a TBI or concussion, treatment for your sight is crucial, especially when your symptoms are serious enough to interfere with performing day-to-day-activities. Our vision therapists use a variety of techniques and tools, like prism glasses, to engage and challenge your eyes in different ways. These exercises build up your eyes’ ability to work as a team along with other parts of your body to improve coordination.

We also utilize syntonic photo therapy — or Syntonics — which exposes your eyes to light with a special device, helping you better orient yourself, strengthen your peripheral vision, and balance your fight or flight response to lower stress. Each of our therapeutic methods are important to your holistic care, and will improve your physical stability, make you feel less dizzy, ease eye strain, and much more.

Why Trust Sightwork for Vision Therapy?

At Sightwork, we work diligently as your partner to help you return to the comfortable, active, and happy person you’re meant to be. By combining our Functional Vision Evaluation, custom treatment plan, and individualized therapy, we can relieve your vision related TBI or concussion symptoms.

We provide in-office and at-home Syntonics, eye training exercises, and personalized activities using advanced technology that are proven to benefit those with brain injuries. As part of our attentive care, we’ll adjust your treatment as you progress through each session to ensure you’re always making new strides and building better vision.

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