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Vision Therapy

At Sightwork, we provide vision therapy solutions to train the brain and eyes to communicate in harmony, allowing patients of all ages to improve or correct issues with their sight. We utilize a full spectrum of methods to make lasting improvements through small, but significant, changes.

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What We Do at Sightwork

It’s not always obvious just how important eyesight is in nearly everything we do: we use our eyes for everything from the majority of our learning to most of our day-to-day tasks. Vision Therapy at Sightwork can help patients improve eye teaming and understanding of visual information and even restore lost visual skills that have been injured.

Over a decade ago, we saw just how many children and adults alike weren’t having their needs met by more standard optometry, which led us to develop Sightwork. And to this day, we use personalized testing to identify deficiencies in the visual system, and then tailor our programs to every unique patient and issue.

Our Vision Therapy Team

Our doctors and therapists take time to learn about you or your loved one — and not just because they’re friendly people-pleasers! This helps us craft custom strategies to provide the visual improvement you need for all the challenges your days bring. Our specialized staff is dedicated to delivering the lasting quality vision you deserve, and to making sure you or your child is comfortable every step of the way.

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Vision Therapy Services

Vision therapy is the process of retraining your brain and eyes to communicate properly, with each other and with the rest of your body. We improve your visual acuity using a combination of treatments including exercises, prisms, computer programs, and other hands-on activities. These can help reclaim vision loss from conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (turned or crossed eyes), and more.

Who Does Sightwork Serve?

Sightwork can assist people with eye-related diseases, reading or learning issues, traumatic brain injuries, and sports vision enhancement. We believe that vision therapy is best performed under a multi-disciplinary approach, and that’s why we’re happy to work along with each patient’s doctors, educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists and academic specialists to ensure overall success.


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