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Sightwork is a family-friendly vision center that’s dedicated to using advanced vision therapy solutions. These train the brain and eyes to work more effectively, helping correct eyesight issues ranging from childhood developmental roadblocks to age-related processing issues.

What is Vision Therapy?

In many ways, vision therapy is physical therapy for the eyes. We help patients of all ages improve their lives and correct visual imperfections through activities, exercises, and treatment programs designed to assist and enhance communication between the eyes and the brain.

“At Sightwork, we think about vision a little differently. … In here, we think about the visual system and how the eye collects data and sends it to the brain — and what the brain does with that information.”

Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell

What Makes Someone a
Candidate for Vision Therapy?

Your eyesight is more than 20/20 vision: you can see things clearly, and still lose information to physical impairments or interrupted processing. If you or your child is having issues such as turned eye, omitting or misreading words, misidentifying letters, losing place while reading, or double or blurry vision, Sightwork may be able to assist with vision therapy. We use a series of evaluations, including a comprehensive eye exam and two-part functional vision test, to decide if vision therapy is right for you.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Icon

Eye Exam

The first step is an eye exam, which tests your eye health, acuity, and motor skills. This helps us determine a baseline for your eyes and their health.

Functional Vision Test Icon

Vision Test

This two-part test evaluates your ocular motor skills and visual processing: this clarifies which therapies we need to focus on in your treatment plan to reach your goals.

Customized Vision Therapy Plan Icon

Customized Vision
Therapy Plan

After we’ve reviewed the information from previous tests, we craft a tailored treatment plan that narrows in on the specific vision concerns.

If you’d like to learn more about our functional vision tests or take our online vision quiz, visit here.

Vision Therapy for Eye-Related Diseases

While there are many treatments for eye diseases, vision therapy is especially useful for correcting eye-related diseases, such as lazy eye, cross eye, and turned eye: issues with the mechanics of the eyes. With an experienced team behind you, vision therapy is often more effective than patching or even surgical procedures.

Vision Therapy for
Reading & Learning

Often, children are misdiagnosed with learning disorders due to reading issues or other problems in the classroom. If you or your child is experiencing a restlessness or inability to focus, it could be due to an inability to properly process the millions of pieces of visual information our brains receive. Vision therapy can help teach the brain to correctly process, improving school and workplace results.

ADD & ADHD icon


Vision therapy can help correct many symptoms that appear to be similar to those of ADD & ADHD.

Puzzle Icon


Visual problems are common, but often overlooked, for those with autism. Vision therapy can also correct certain behaviors.

Dyslexia Icon


Parents may mistakenly believe their child has dyslexia, but these symptoms can often be corrected through vision therapy.

Sensory Disorders Icon

Sensory Disorders

Vision therapy is also useful for relieving and improving symptoms for children with sensory processing disorders.

Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussion Vision Therapy

Vision is a process where the brain takes information from the eyes and converts it into something you can understand. If the brain is damaged or suffers a traumatic injury, vision therapy can help re-teach it to communicate, reducing related symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and inability to focus.

Sports Vision

One major role vision plays in our lives is helping us understand the space we occupy, and how we can move through it. We can work with you or your child to learn where vision can improve in athletic situations, and then formulate a plan to enhance vision and increase performance.

Vision Therapy at Sightwork

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