What is BlindSight?

BlindSight is a non-government organization committed to changing lives through vision and learning. Our goals involve establishing self-sustaining eye clinics to provide services that restore sight and products to ensure optimal vision among under served populations. In addition, our hope is to empower individuals to fulfill their personal vision through learning and literacy programs.

Khaleda’s Vision

In memory of Khaleda, proceeds will be used to address vision and literacy challenges in our community and abroad. Khaleda understood the raw reality that literacy is power. The ability to read allows an individual to make educated decisions, acheive most any goal, unleash the imagination, get lost on an adventure, and understand truth. No one should be denied this gift.

Eternal Khaleda

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Khaleda (which means eternal), was her given name. From birth, she battled a life threatening condition called Thalassemia Beta Major, which required regular blood transfusions and aggressive medical treatment to sustain life. At seven years of age, she was adopted by Mike and Amanda Assell as their first and eldest child. Despite her constant need for medical care, Khaleda brought joy, laughter, and wit to all she knew rather than bitterness or complaint. Her smile was contagious and her strength was mighty. She loved being with her family and friends. Painting nails, swimming, riding horses, and shopping were some of her favorite activities. Khaleda knew how to live in the day and understood that we aren’t promised tomorrow. She didn’t dwell on the past or her condition, and she didn’t fret over the future and what it would bring. This beautiful child taught us so much about life, sacrifice, and true love. She was a blessing in every way. Khaleda’s life reminds us of the life cycle of a butterfly. We watched her transform through often painful processes into a most beautiful human inside and out. Our butterfly will be joyfully released in her memory.