Meet Our Optometrist
Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell

Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell, O.D., founder of Sightwork Vision Therapy, is an optometrist in Denver, NC, who is passionate about changing people’s lives by improving their vision. Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell has cultivated a renowned vision therapy program that provides personalized treatments for patients with unique visual processing and oculo-motor delays.

Dr. Amanda Barker optometrist in Sightwork Vision Therapy Clinic

Education & Experience

From the start of her eye care career, Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell desired to help people overcome deficiencies in their vision by offering targeted, personalized care. She began to notice a lack of options for patients who needed specialized vision therapy with diagnoses such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), and other oculo-motor delays.

Vision Therapy with
Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell

Throughout her career as an optometric physician, Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell has bolstered her ability to help people surmount their unique vision delays with diverse therapy options. She received in-depth training from the Optometric Extension Foundation so she could provide her patients with trusted treatments. She also continues to learn more about new techniques, like syntonic phototherapy, to incorporate them into Sightwork’s therapy model. Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell is a caring, compassionate professional who changes her patients’ lives through personalized vision therapy, and finds great reward in doing so.

Vision Therapy with Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell

Education and Accolades

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Get to know Dr. Barker Assell

Get to Know Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell

Even when Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell is not at the office or spending time with her husband and children, she brings dedication to improving people’s vision to everything she does. She and her husband created BlindSight, Inc., a nonprofit that provides her community with the resources to help them see clearly. In addition to holding the annual Khaleda Run fundraiser — named after her eldest daughter — Blindsight also hosts children’s literacy initiatives and glasses drives where people can donate their old frames. BlindSight has also outfitted a clinic in Mafredi, Belize to provide the local people with the eye care and vision solutions they need. No matter if she’s at home with her family, organizing a nonprofit event, or in the office at Sightwork, Dr. Amanda Barker-Assell always puts others first.


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